Nur Muhammad "Mahi" Shafiullah

I am trying to teach robots to do all my chores at @NYU-robot-learning Previously @facebookresearch

Hello, I am Mahi!

I am currently a fourth-year Computer Science Ph.D. student at NYU Courant working with Prof. Lerrel Pinto.

I am focused on bringing robots into our homes. I research questions on the intersection of machine learning and robotics, primarily to build home robots that can perform everyday tasks by learning both from humans and on their own.

I am grateful for the 2023 Apple Scholars in AI/ML PhD fellowship for supporting my research. Recently, I was a visiting scientist at Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) at Meta with Ishan Misra.

Selected Research

A few of my recent research projects. You can find a full list of my works on Google Scholar.

Under review, arXiv:2401.12202

Peiqi Liu, Yaswanth Orru, Chris Paxton, Nur Muhammad Mahi Shafiullah*, Lerrel Pinto*

Paper Project Site
Under review, arXiv:2311.16098

Nur Muhammad (Mahi) Shafiullah, Anant Rai, Haritheja Etukuru, Yiqian Liu, Ishan Misra, Soumith Chintala, Lerrel Pinto

Paper Code Project Site
Top 5% (Oral) @ International Conference of Learning Representations (ICLR) 2023

Zichen Jeff Cui, Yibin Wang, Nur Muhammad (Mahi) Shafiullah, Lerrel Pinto

Paper Code Project Site
Outstanding Paper Award @ Workshop on Language and Robot Learning, CoRL 2022; Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) 2023

Nur Muhammad (Mahi) Shafiullah, Chris Paxton, Lerrel Pinto, Soumith Chintala, Arthur Szlam

Paper Code Project Site
Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2022

Nur Muhammad (Mahi) Shafiullah, Zichen Jeff Cui, Ariuntuya Altanzaya, Lerrel Pinto

Paper Code Project Site
Robotics: Science, and Systems (RSS) 2022

Jyothish Pari*, Nur Muhammad (Mahi) Shafiullah*, Sridhar Pandian Arunachalam, Lerrel Pinto

Paper Code Project Site

Coding Projects

Code releases from my research projects and open source projects that I've built on my free time.

Dobb·E: An open-source, general framework for learning household robotic manipulation
G-code 443 63
Teaching robots to respond to open-vocab queries with CLIP and NeRF-like neural fields
Python 134 15
Code and website for Behavior Transformers: Cloning k modes with one stone.
Python 84 17
PyTorch implementation for "Discovery of Incremental Skills" (DISk) algorithm from ICLR 2022 paper "One After Another: Learning Incremental Skills for a Changing World"
Python 18 1
Clean implementation of conditional and unconditional behavior transformer.
Python 16 5

My Interests

Topics that interests me and that I am working continously to learn more about.

My Writings

Articles I've written.

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